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lemmy with enid wiliams
Enid Wiliams with Lemmy

Rock Star, Dark Star, Capricorn

‘Who’d win a wrestling match,  Lemmy or God?’
‘Wrong……dickhead,  trick question.  Lemmy IS God.’  (1)

‘A thousand nights, I’ve spent alone
Solitaire, to the bone.’  (2)

Lemmy, iconic founder, singer and bassist of the groundbreaking heavy metal band Motorhead, arrived on planet earth on Christmas Eve 1945.  With a Capricorn Sun exact on the ascendent and all but Uranus and the North Node above the horizon, this was a life destined to be lived in the public gaze.

Neptune in the 9th squares his Sun and Saturn ruled ascendent, well describing both the professional respect and status and ‘the duplicity of the clergy’ (3) of the absent father who left after 3 months.

And of course the musician and sometime actor (Neptune in Libra) and Rock (Saturn) Star (Sun) who greets the day with a bottle of Jack Daniels.

His mother had it tough, supporting both him and his gran by working as a librarian and TB nurse (8th house Virgo, workhorse moon in a T-square with Mercury in Sagittarius opposing Uranus in Gemini.)  This is a man renowned for his tireless, willingness to respect every fan’s request for yet another signature. A workaholic, restless and constantly on the move.

A voracious reader with a keen intelligence and a man who knows his own mind.  With an absence of water bar Sun and chart ruler Saturn in Cancer (conjunct Pollux) and an unsentimental attitude towards his own unplanned offspring, the pragmatic goat climbs onwards and upwards.

‘I realize, I get so cold
When I was young I was already old’ (2)

‘Escaping from the skeletons of their own ancestry,  these individuals are determined to establish their personal family with entirely different values.’ (4)

Lemmy joined the band Hawkwind in August ’71, as transiting Uranus approached a trine to natal Speedfreak Uranus and Neptune trined natal Mars in Leo.

In ’72 their single ‘Silver Machine’ (Moon, Uranus, Mercury T-square)  took a ride to no. 2 in the U.K.charts as T. Pluto squared his Sun and late Gemini/Sag nodes and sextiled Mars, co-ruler of his M.C.

Originally a rhythm guitarist, Lemmy’s unique style of chordal bass playing and distinctive gruff and gravelly vocals established a new sound from the start. (Uranus in 5th)

However, it wasn’t until June 1975, after being ignominiously sacked from aforementioned band, that Saturn returned and Lemmy struck out with his own group, Motorhead.

With T. Pluto approaching N. Neptune and squaring the ascendent, T. Neptune conjunct Mercury and square N. Moon and Uranus trine the North Node, a new era had begun.

‘I always knew, the only way
Is never live, beyond today’   (2)

Jovial fruit machine addict, bon viveur and party animal, Lemmy was ‘Born To Raise Hell’.  With Venus, Mercury and South Node in Sagittarius (conjunct Sun), life on the road beckoned for the freedom-loving adventurer for whom ‘The Chase Is Better Than The Catch’. (5)  Venus sextiles and makes a mutual reception with Jupiter in Libra in the 9th, itself conjunct Spica, elevating him to the ranks of rock royalty. (6)

In 1978, as Uranus passed over his Scorpio M.C. co-ruled by Mars and Pluto in regal Leo,  Motorhead changed both manager and record company and began their upward ascent.  I first met Lemmy when Girlschool joined them as support on the March ’79 ‘Overkill’ tour and we were soon signed up to the Doug (manager) Smith and Bronze Records stable.

As part of a new movement of punk influenced rock mayhem, alongside fellow metalheads Iron Maiden and Saxon, Motorhead were the driving force behind the ‘New Wave Of British  Heavy Metal’.

With Lemmy’s Martian M.C. and Mercury conjunct militaristic fixed star Antares, the ‘Bomber’ album soon exploded into the charts followed by ‘Ace of (saturnine) Spades’.

In 1981, as Pluto conjuncted Lemmy’s Jupiter, Uranus trined N.Mars and T. North Node conjuncted N.Pluto, we joined forces to record the ‘Please Dont Touch’ single.

Entitled ‘The St Valentine’s Day Massacre E.P’, it charted at no.5 and saw us appearing on Top Of The Pops as ‘Headgirl’ before going silver. As we hit the road together in Europe,

Motorhead’s live album ‘No Sleep Till Hammersmith’ reached no.1 and a new God was born.

‘They proved me right, they proved me wrong
But they can never last this long’ (2)

Over time, Lemmy the wild man of rock has himself has become nothing less than a respected institution. One who has stood the test of time.

‘My life, my heart, black night, dark star
Capricorn’ (2)

  1. From the 1994 film’Airheads’.
  2. ‘Capricorn’- from the album ‘Overkill’
  3. ‘White Line Fever’ the autobiography – Lemmy with Janiss Garza. If the birth time were 11 minutes earlier, that would give an equally plausible Sagittarian ascendent.
  1. ‘Saturn – Fatal Attraction’ – Adam Smith. Saturn also makes a 1 degree square to Jupiter and an exact inconjunct to Venus, ruler of the I.C.
  1. From the album ‘Ace Of Spades’

Lemmy Astrology chart (Published in The Astrological Journal)