Rock Astrology November Horoscopes

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Rock Astrology

November 2007 Horoscopes

(Published in Open Magazine)


by Enid Williams




Get your motor running.  If you’re catching up on some DIY and renovations, new flatmates, renesting, make your move before the 15th when the engine stalls. Moving country, moving property? Act on impulse before next Feb and you’ll end up back where you started.  Aggro on the home front puts you in a sulk.  Cash or carpet stains, tackle the niggling details and problems before they mushroom.  Check investments are all they profess to be and try a new angle with fiscal management.  Busting a gut – trust your gut feelings!


You dont need no diamond rings – money matters rear their head around the 24th, big spender, so ditch the plastic.  Friendships take on a new lease of life and you remember why you fell in love with that special someone in the first place.  Singles are spoilt for choice.  Office romance? Steer clear of temptation.  Co-workers and partners talk sense again and appreciate your words of wisdom.  Picture this and sell the boss that dream you’ve been chasing.  That elusive, shape shifting career vision takes form – Eureka!


The Full Moon on the 24th brings partnerships to a head.  Time to move to the next level or burn bridges and one of you may be unable to resist the urge to explore and stray to pastures new.  Are family responsibilities costing you dear?  Geminis like to flit about without heavy emotional baggage weighing them down.  Job relocation? You’re moving on up in the career department – hit with a flash of inspiration as to the way ahead.  The great escape.  Exotic, far flung destinations? – yes please!


Shy? You?  Cancerians are known for being sensitive and retiring, but you’re headstrong and pushing your way to the front of the queue right now.  Come on too strong though and you’ll put backs up.  Get the career ball rolling before the 15th or it’s Groundhog Day.  As the great philosopher ( I jest ) Jeremy Clarkson said  ‘Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary – that’s what gets you’.  Keep a beady eye on that sweet talking guy – there may be something unsavoury lurking beneath the facade!


‘Tis strange what a man may do and a woman yet think him an angel’. Love changes everything.  If a paramour’s not pulling their weight and treating you like royalty, it may well be time to cut the ties that bind.  You dont need a drain on your savings, ’cause a grand dont come for free.  Househunting for a new palace?  Go girl, until the 24th when all you wanna do is have some fun.  Get out on the town but leave the plastic at home.  Dont worry, be happy!


There’s no-one quite like you Virgo when it comes to organising the nuts and bolts of daily life and devising schedules.  Those pesky details and mail that went askew last month, planes, trains and automobiles delayed or cancelled, all are heading back on the right track.  Deals that hit a snag can be salvaged and services rendered.  Whoever got the wrong end of the stick now gets the right one.  Got a question? Ask partners, they’re buzzing.  The 24th. Crossroads.  Career, home, relationships, family – how many balls can you juggle?  But hey, cash flows!


Everything’s coming up roses as you exude charm and more than a touch of class.  Keep your wits about you as lovers who flock like moths to a flame may be just an illusion. Asking the boss for more lolly or a leg up the career ladder? Try the 9th.  Unusual ways of bringing home the bacon/luxury jamon materialise from the ether, so ditch the debt and replenish the piggy bank.  Professional aims hit the buffer and someone you thought was on your side turns. Hang on in there baby!


What’s going on?  There’s a New Moon on the 9th but whatever you want, you still haven’t found what you’re looking for.  Plans stall on the 15th when it’s two steps back and one step beyond.  When Luna is at her fullest on the 24th, you’ll know your true friends.  Others may try to force your hand, but delay the big money decisions till next month.  Scorpio loves to excavate secrets and when you start digging there’s no knowing what you’ll unearth.  As Oscar Wilde said  ‘We are all lying in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the stars’.  Dream on!


That’s what friends are for – caring, sharing, jeering you up when you need a pal or sparking wild, crazy ideas to send you off on a new tangent way outside the box.  Spitual retreat? Contemplate, oh wise one.  ‘Always forgive your enemies’ said Wilde, ‘nothing annoys them so much’.  Magnanimous to the core, keep that in mind on the 24th when career ambitions hit a hurdle and everyone wants a piece of you.  It’s me, myself, I, as the old order crumbles and a new order rises from the ashes.  You got the power!


Make no bones about it, you have a reputation (something you like to protect) for being tough and cool.  Add to the equation ‘and exceptionally charming’ this month.  No doubt you can sweet talk your way into a promotion or sharing a love nest (best achieved from the 9th-15th.)  Do you believe?  What fanciful dreams would you like to manifest?  Look within.  Sisters or brothers, friends or acqaintances fill in the missing pieces of the jigsaw. Relocation?  Not ’till spring!


‘I don’t need the money dear – I work for art’.  Yes, thank you Callas, weren’t you married to that billionaire Onassis?  As mother of invention, from the 14th you’re brimming with wacky and radical new ideas for keeping the wolf from the door, as your ruling planet Uranus wakes you up before you go go.  Too much work makes Jack a dull boy.  You’re wired, so pull out the trainers and the jogging pants and burn off some of that nervous energy.  Fancy a break, magic hat hippy trail?  Buddy, can you spare a dime?


How can I be sure?  Well you can’t.  Castles in Spain, castles in the air, see you restless and yearning to escape the everyday grind.  Children or lovers fight their corner, new love stalls from the 15th.  The Full Moon on the 24th brings rivals in the boardroom, demands from your main squeeze and soap operas at home.  Ex’s keeping you hanging on?  Don’t bring me down, I want to break free.  Was it just my imagination or is there hot stuff in the boudoir!