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Enid has been studying and practising astrology since 1989.

She has featured on Live T.V. (Mind and Body), I.T V. Carlton (The Good Sex Guide) and as Dynamite was astrology presenter of Match of the Week and The Lunar Report on Black Entertainment Television.

She has written columns for The London Flyer, the online arts and culture publication Open Magazine and articles for The Astrological Journal.

She has also guested on The Astrology Show podcast and with Rock Astrology produced features on Lemmy and Amy Winehouse.

As a presenter at Circle of Divine she has interviewed many leading astrologers and continues to give private readings.



Enid+Dio 1Dio was a Cancerian – intuitive, sensitive, caring, kind.

And with Jupiter rising, planet of the Gods (and ruler of rainbows) he was warm, protective, humorous and generous.

Ronnie also had a cluster of planets in mercurial Gemini, making him versatile, intelligent and a natural writer.  Gemini the trickster, with its duality and youthful, mischievious, indeed elfin quality.

Saturn and Pluto show the ability to turn base metal into gold – the philosopher’s stone.

And finally the presence of Leo – proud, creative and dramatic.  With a strong emphasis on the twelfth house (astro lingo for imagination and otherworldliness), he was born to devote his life to something beyond himself.













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